It can often be useful to talk to someone who is not part of family or friendship groups. Olwen works systemically and integratively in her Cardiff practice and pays scrupulous attention to confidentiality. She aims to build a collaborative relationship with her clients and has a flexible, open and warm approach which leads to strong therapeutic alliances and an atmosphere of trust. Everybody faces vulnerability, difficulties or the need to confront change at some time or another. This can be a recent life event or an accumulation of feelings and problems.

Olwen works at a client’s pace in exploring and processing interactions between thoughts, emotions and behaviour within relationships and different contexts. Thinking about current and past patterns is always important together with in-depth consideration of experiences that have shaped a person’s way of living and thinking.

Olwen offers a bespoke, personal and holistic service specific to the needs of her clients. She actively takes into account culture, race, gender, power, sexuality and societal issues. Short or long term psychological support and intervention can be offered depending upon client requirements. This is provided in a safe, supportive and respectful environment. Initial consultations in Cardiff provide clients with the opportunity to discuss their current situation and concerns, ask any questions and decide whether or not Olwen is the right psychotherapist for them.

‘Olwen is an accomplished Psychotherapist who is able to combine therapeutic knowledge, experience of working with varied client groups, complex family systems and a broad spectrum of emotional health difficulties. She has a warm and engaging personality and an exceptional ability to relate to and engage with people of all ages.’

Mairlis Davies, Highly Specialist Family Therapist