‘Olwen is a remarkably thoughtful and insightful therapist. Families have been so complimentary about the support she has given them.  She is able to engage and communicate with young people who have significant emotional health difficulties and her manner with them and their families is inspiring and a real delight.  Her ability to use different therapeutic techniques based on the needs of the person in front of her, while also taking into consideration the latest evidence base, is wonderful to witness. I always enjoy conversations with Olwen about families and young people, especially when there are complex issues which require thought as to the best approach to take in order to help in any particular set of circumstances.’

Dr. Sri Velandy, Consultant Child and Adolescent Psychiatrist

‘I have worked with Olwen for many years. She is a thoughtful and skilled Psychotherapist.  She applies extensive therapeutic knowledge with empathy and openness in a way that makes people feel contained and understood. Her manner is respectful, kind and direct. Olwen is highly reflexive and committed to best outcomes.’

Mark Rivett, Programme Director, University of Exeter

‘Olwen is an accomplished Psychotherapist  who is able to combine therapeutic knowledge, experience of working with varied client groups, complex family systems and a broad spectrum of emotional health difficulties.  She has a warm and engaging personality and an exceptional ability to relate to and engage with people of all ages.’

Mairlis Davies, Highly Specialist Family Therapist

‘I worked in the same NHS team as Olwen and witnessed the ease with which she builds up a sense of collaboration and  understanding with families and individuals. We deal with areas of high complexity, distress and ongoing change and Olwen deals with this in a flexible, professional, enormously kind and open way.  She is excellent at encapsulating the emotional process that people are going through.’

Tracy Brain, Family Therapist

‘Olwen is a highly experienced, warm, empathic and insightful Psychotherapist.’

Jo George, Systemic Psychotherapist and Senior Clinical Practitioner

‘Finding a therapist was so hard for me….there seemed to be so many different and confusing ‘types’ of therapy.  Olwen put me at my ease straight away – I found her to be immensely kind, warm and supportive.’

‘Olwen is insightful and empathic but also very emotionally challenging.’

‘I’ve had conversations with her that I’ve never had with anybody else.’

‘Olwen helped me make sense of my emotions.  She’s a mix of very sophisticated thinking and very down to earth thinking at the same time’

‘She helped all the family understand my depression better….’

‘I really appreciated Olwen’s flexibility when we needed to arrange appointments around my ever changing work schedule.’

‘Olwen helped me realise that I was repeating really unhelpful patterns.  I wouldn’t have been able to change them without her support.’

‘My husband and I eventually decided to separate but Olwen helped us achieve that with much less acrimony.’